Sail away with me . . .

bSail away with me . . .


[Merak] – Coastal Couch (Vibrant) @ Fameshed July 2019

Scarlet Creative Lucia Cape House @ Fameshed July 2019

Ariskea[Botanica] Bamboo Light Pendant

Ariskea[Abaca] SailBoat Painting @ Anthem 

hive // chunky wood coffee table

hive // potted plants . swiss cheese plant

hive // san pedro cactus

hive // summer tote

Apple Fall Scented Candle

Apple Fall Mroccan Bowl w/ Lemons

Apple Fall Seaside Candle

Apple Fall Harry’s Boat

West Village Zebra Cactus

*LODE* Decor – Gladiolus Vase [pink]

Nutmeg. Garden Getaway Empty Tray

Nutmeg. Seashore Mug Candle @ Anthem 

dust bunny. wool zag rug

{what next} House Plant – Eucalyptus

{what next} Snake Plant

Maybe it’s not about a happy ending . . . Maybe it’s about the story ♥

Maybe it's not about a happy ending . . . Maybe it's about the story ♥



Trompe Loeil – Rivershire Waterwheel @ Collabor 88 July 2014

Trompe Loeil – Rustic Lantern Bars Natural – Handle Up

[we’re CLOSED] wood hammock dark grass

Dutchie bucket with mop

Dutchie broom

{vespertine – tile skipping path/garden}

[DDD] Overgrown Plank Pathway

[DDD]  Fern Cluster

[DDD] Clump of Spades (Swamp)

[we’re CLOSED] shrooms red and white

Botanical – Blooming Taro @ Summerfest´14 

Skye Tangled Cherry Arch

Skye Gnarled Cherry

MK Bx Composite trees by Mitsuko Kytori and Motoko Oanomochi

{what next} Serendipity Garden Wall Sign



Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. . .

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."


On me:

-Belleza- Mimi @ The Arcade Gacha Events

.:villena:. – dungarees AztecCombo @ The Arcade Gacha Events

MG – Necklace – Teardrop Turtle –  PaleBlue @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Exile::Shine @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Ingenue :: Pandora Flats (Slink Feet Add-On) :: Blush @ The Arcade Gacha Events

[Surf Co.] Leather Hip Sack  – Mauve @ The Arcade Gacha Events

[Surf Co.] Bouquet Sunnies – Coral @ The Arcade Gacha Events


Zigana . garden shed. painted RARE @ The Arcade Gacha Events

[PM]Pixel Mode – THG – Garden Hose @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Lark – Chalkboard @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Lark – Potatoes @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Lark – Manchego Cheese @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Lark – Handkerchief Bunting @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Lark – Bike (F) RARE @ The Arcade Gacha Events

[PM]Pixel Mode – THG – Watering Can @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Zigana . plant . three @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Zigana . herbs . two @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Zigana . birdhouse . wicked  @ The Arcade Gacha Events

Lark – Sunflowers @ The Arcade Gacha Events

[Commoner] Award Statuette / Family (Best Sister) @ The Arcade Gacha Events

{vespertine – bookstore chair -birdfeet } @ The Arcade Gacha Events

PILOT – The Arcade – Flea Circus Set  @ The Arcade Gacha Events

{what next} Homely Washing Line  @ The Arcade Gacha Events

[we’re CLOSED] rock 3 mossy

[we’re CLOSED] old barrels

[we’re CLOSED] summer flowers

Kuro – Butterfly table (carpenter)

junk. pulley light.

Sari-Sari – Adventure Wire Shelf

Travel is not a sprint. A journey is not a marathon. Chill out and enjoy the moment . . .



Culprit Old England Shoppes

Trompe Loeil – Valiano Bistro Chairs Black @ Fameshed March 2014

Trompe Loeil – Valiano Bistro Tables Black @ Fameshed March 2014

Trompe Loeil – Valiano Fountain Stone Dirty @ Fameshed March 2014

Trompe Loeil – Valiano Firebox Metal Ornate @ Fameshed March 2014

Trompe Loeil – Valiano String Lights @ Fameshed March 2014

Trompe Loeil – Valiano Lamp Post Black @ Fameshed March 2014

:Fanatik Architecture: Roads of LISBON

:FANATIK HOME: Industrial Bench

[we’re CLOSED] tree 02

{what next) Sandbridge Ice Cream Cart  – Red

Sari-Sari – Chalkboard

.:NsB:. BORDEAUX Wine Set

Build Works : Newspaper Rack

Botanical – Street Tree Grate

:CP: Outdoor Movies Planter

{sa} Takeaway Pizza

Dutchie red wine

LISP – Postbox Wall Version – Decor Version

Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together…



{what next} Pine Ridge Chair (plaid blanket)

{what next} Bag of Coffee Beans

VCO – Gloves Necklace02 RARE @ The Arcade Gacha event

7 – Portable Furnace @ Collabor88

ISPACHI [Graham The Teddy Bear] Christmas Gift

PILOT – Thick Book Stack @collabor 88

PILOT & JIM – Sketchbook@collabor 88

+ILO+ Operator Boot no.2

!lamb. Desire Lines (Mesh) – Chocolate Bars Pack @ Collabor88

.: ryvolter :. Phoebe Peplum Top @ Collabor88

::{u.f.o}::knit wammer skinny – black @ Collabor88

ISON – raw hide vest (brown) @ Collabor88

Bodygossip-Milana (Caucasian) Head

Home is where your heart is…




Culprit Rustic Cottage Bloo

{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (rustic) – Leaf

Zigana chime . Turqoise

[we’re CLOSED] cafe chair dark

[we’re CLOSED] branch bare

[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry


PILOT & JIM – Franchesca

PILOT – Rain Barrel

[we’re CLOSED] tyre swing

Zigana ~Reused schoolchair . wicked

Zigana ~Side table .dark

Zigana~pouffe . sun

Zigana lazy sunday chair .cloud

Zigana~Curtain. blankets hanging

floorplan. tea leaves teacup

POST: Galdur Coffee Can

POST: Esko Enamelware Coffee Pot

POST: Esko  Coffee Grinder

[we’re CLOSED] rustic deck poses 2 coffee – dark

[we’re CLOSED] rustic deck 1 – dark

[we’re CLOSED] walkway – dark

The Domineaux Effect – Vintage Boat

[we’re CLOSED] old tub

[we’re CLOSED] trees

[we’re CLOSED] shrub bare

AF~ Books

Sweet life continues in the breeze, in the golden fields…



AF Hugg Boots @Shoetopia New 

Exile::Hold On Loosely

FAKE ::India Skin

Tee*fy Turtle Neck Basic Sweater



tulip. Alana Jeans

!Ohmai : Steampunk Squirrel Goggles – Human Version @collabor 88

Pose by Manifeste ♥


Culprit Neva’s Rustic Cottage

:CP: & [Con.] Cobblers Room @ Shoetopia 1 Gatcha area

Sari-Sari – Super Typhoon Haiyan Painting

Sari-Sari – Pinoy-themed Frame

{what next} Bramley Rocking Chair (rustic) – Leaf

Lark – Baking Tins

Zigana . weeled side table

Kuro – Wooden vases

Dutchie bucket with mop

Dutchie broom

Dutchie Aglaonema full

!Ohmai : Steampunk Natural Squirrel @collabor 88

The Hole Junk Yard – Chair barbecue

The Hole Junk Yard – Broken gate, Posts and side fencing

Zigana – Banana Fanna . featheranna

Zigana . lodge cabinet

{what next} Bag of Coffee Beans

Trompe Loeil – Ashdon Couch with Pillows

.:: ONE GRID ::. Mesh Candle in Jar Black

Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim Working Table

POST: Marquette Braid Rug

A moment in my arms, forever in my heart ♥




On me:

-Belleza- Nina Skin

=Zenith=(Milk)Oversized Cardigan @ The Chapter Four

[monso] My First Jeans – Denim

ISPACHI Mesh [Heuston Scarf]

MG – Necklace – Shangri La Heart @ Fameshed

Tee*fy Turtle Neck Basic Sweater

“”D!va”” Hair “Kalli2”

*COCO*_BowBoots_Cocoa_TC4 @ The Chapter Four

Pose by Label Motion ♥ TDR

On him:

::GB:: Shirt and cardigan (Khaki&Black) @ The mens Dept

<kal rau> Casual Jeans M2_Dark Blue

[CheerNo] Hands_M#8

-Belleza- Dylan Tan

[iruco]hair27 M(black)

pose by exposeur


The Loft – Villa Casolare

{sa} Takeaway Pizza

[*Art Dummy!] game. (basketball)

Trompe Loeil – Thrift Shop Outdoor Bench Natural

Sway’s Hopscotch

{sa} Prairie Lamp (Iron)

{what next} Cambridge Bicycle – wear me  (STEEL)

*Y’s HOUSE* Garden Stool 003 (RW)

~*Forest Floor*~ Potted Forest Fern – Brown

~*Forest Floor*~ Beech – Sparse

Dutchie gift: empty box

Dutchie 2 winebottles

Car by Haru motors

Dutchie lunchbag

Skye Leaf Swirl

Whispers of sweet nothings…



On me:

-Belleza- Nina Skin New

Exile::Hollywood Nights New

IKON Perspective Eyes – Brown

<kal rau> Casual Jeans Clear

{mon tissu} Oversized Shirt

On him:

-Belleza- Dylan Tan

[CheerNo] Hands_M#8

[Deadwool] Jeans + belt (blue)


IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Arabian Blue Pale

not so bad . mesh . JACK t-shirt . blue

Pose by Del May ♥


Trompe Loeil – Kumotori Bath House @ Fameshed November 2013♥

{what next} Bag of Coffee Beans

*~MMG’s~* Watering pot-Jorro

[mdrmizm]mesh sofa*old stripe

{what next} Box of Doughnuts

7 – Floor Bulb

7 – Eye Chart Poster

PILOT – Water Hose

PILOT – Potted Plant Shelves

Dutchie wringer bench

Dutchie 3 beer cans,

Skye – Enchanted Woods

POST: Esko Enamelware Coffee Mug

The Domineaux Effect – Vintage Boat w/motor

There´s nothing more beautiful than the way the sea refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it´s sent away…




reBourne Bali Bamboo bed v 1.1

AF Milan Lounge (Coffee House)

TA Imported Cigars Box

POST: “Popcorn Trail” Crochet Spread 1937

Dahaus-sleeping beauty books

AF Books

The Loft – Pillow Holder Beach

DIGS – Ferryside Tray Decor [MESH]

AF Gypsy Dresser

Dutchie Aglaonema full

LISP – Mesh – Kepler Telescope – tex change touch middle -Small

AF Sputnick Pendant Lamp

:CP: Outdoor Movies Pouffe Leather

AF Carved Corbel Shelf

{what next} Rise & Shine Coffee Tray – V2

{af} Let’s Play Scrabble

Bazar Torronto-Slippers

AF Designer Table (Gold)

ISPACHI Mesh Art – Gazelle’s Head

:Fanatik Architecture: Cabin

The Loft – Verona Pool

:FANATIK HOME: Pool furniture set – Umbrella

The Loft – Verona Lounger w/ Towel Walnut

Botanical – Spring Linden  tree

Bazar – Toronto-Bed lamps

Scarlet Creative Autumn Reclaim Frame Old Walnut

Dutchie green flax

[we’re CLOSED] carpet squares

Tharyn Design FurRug V1

[we’re CLOSED] carpet  2