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But these places and these faces are getting old. So i´m going home…

But these places and these faces are getting old. So i´m going home...



Apple Fall: Chelsea Townhouse Collabor88 January 2015

Apple Fall Dolly Bed RARE @The Chapter four

Apple Fall Blanket Curio @The Chapter four

Apple Fall Roses Jug @The Chapter four

Apple Fall Dolly Piano @The Chapter four

Apple Fall   Gilt Frame

[we’re CLOSED] candleholder 1 dark  for Cosmopolitan

Apple Fall Neva’s Antique Scales

Apple Fall  Toile Chair (Stain)

Dutchie low candlestick

[ kunst ]  – Wine bottle / malbec – black cap

[ kunst ]  – Malbec glass

Ma Vie & Lark Chaise Musicale

POST: Derry Hill Pendant Lamp



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Keep looking up, that´s the secret of life. . .

Keep looking up, that´s the secret of life. . .



AF English Folly RARE @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Trompe Loeil – Snow Day Bed White + Drape Collabor88 December 2014

DRD ebenezers large frame @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

DRD small frames fireplace @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

DRD ebenezers coat hanger @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

[PM]Pixel Mode – Sled with Logs @ TLC December 2014

[PM]Pixel Mode – Milk Can Berries @ TLC December 2014

junk. crown light @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

[we’re CLOSED] paper star S copper for Cosmopolitan

[we’re CLOSED] paper star S gold for Cosmopolitan

:CP: Willow Creek Lanterns @ Kustom9 

Dutchie tray with black coffee

Scarlet Creative Foundry Hide Sofa Cotton @ Shiny Shabby Event

HIDEKI – Stool with Blanket

[FOG]Milk Churn Set Milk Jug

POST: DeWitt Shaving Mirror

POST Fabron Aftershave

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Old places have soul . . .

Old places have soul . . .



Painting by Eugene Delacroix♥

Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug Collabor88 December 2014

Scarlet Creative Foundry Hide Sofa Cotton Shiny Shabby Event

Scarlet Creative Foundry Desk Warm MC @ Shiny Shabby Event

Scarlet Creative Foundry Antler Chair – Hide MC @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Cabinet @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Pitcher @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Candle Holder @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Hot Chocolade @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] 4 Tea Cups @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Plate holder @ Shiny Shabby Event

MOON // Here After Collection // Rug 04 @ TMD December 2014

MOON // Here After Collection // Rug 05 @ TMD December 2014

floorplan. buck slats @The New Tailors 

tarte. worn stool (white) @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

{vespertine}faux throphy -dark @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Soy. Matchstick ladders – singly Collabor88 December 2014

Soy. Knitted Pouf [marudesu] – snow Collabor88 December 2014

tarte. ladder display @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Oil Lamp Weathered Copper @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – My Cup of Tea @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

erratic / coc – sandclock

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Desk Clock Collabor88 December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Magnifying Glass Collabor88 December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Book Stack Collabor88 December 2014

Apple Fall Plaster Candles

Apple Fall  Dolly Lamp

Apple Fall Rockin’ Robin

Apple Fall Pestle & Mortar

Apple Fall Stepladder Table

Apple Fall  -Beam Grandfather Clock

POST: Bremen Pricket Lamps


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Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness ♥

Doing what you like is freedom, liking what you do is happiness ♥


Thank you Shyla for pose with me ♥


On me:

-Belleza-  Grace Skin

.: vive nine :. Ines Denim Shirt – Medium

.: vive nine :. Lou Distressed Jeans – Deep

Exile::Letters and Lipstick

.: vive nine :. Agne Wrap Shawl – Olive

IKON Hope Eyes – Chocolate

On Shyla:

Hair from Tableau Vivant

Top from Eaters Coma

Pants by GizzA

-Belleza-  Grace Skin


POST: Floodwood Skybox

Apple Fall Water Pump @ Kustom9 

ISPACHI [EMERSON] Apples & Pears

floorplan. apple crate stack seat

:CP: Doublers Lantern Ladder  The seasons Story October 2014

:CP: Doublers Acorn Lamps  The seasons Story October 2014

:CP: Doublers Pumpkins The seasons Story October 2014

:CP: Chloe Autumn Seat

Zigana . barreltable

:CP: Louis’ Hot Apple Cider Goodies

oyasumi / bar stools for The Neighbourhood

oyasumi/ wall bar for The Neighbourhood

[ kunst ]– Kunsteiner glass

[ kunst ]– Kunsteiner Tap (gold) / Stout

junk. old car door. green @ Kustom9 

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Wicked Game . . .

Wicked Game . . .




On me:

 Belleza- Venus Mesh Body (out soon)

Rowne.Agathe – Deluxe  Modified

 Bracelet [MANDALA]Pearl rain season

Apple Fall Plantation Dining Table (Rustic)

Apple Fall Plantation Sink (Rustic)

Apple Fall  Plantation Stove Hood (Rustic)

Apple Fall  Plantation Counter (Rustic)

Apple Fall  Plantation Cabinet (Rustic)

Dutchie  vintage metal dishrack

PILOT – Rolling Pin X @ The Arcade Gacha events September 2014

PILOT – Cookbook RARE X @ The Arcade Gacha events September 2014

PILOT – Sugar and Eggs X @ The Arcade Gacha events September 2014

Apple Fall Wheelback Chairs @ Home & Garden Expo 2014

oyasumi / hanging nautical light @ The Secret affair

[we’re CLOSED]  bench grey drape

Dutchie   winebottles

POST: Humble Candle Sticks

Apple Fall   L’Olivier




I’ve found it…Eternity. It’s the sun mingled with the sea…

I've found it...Eternity. It's the sun mingled with the sea...



+CONVAIR+ Boat Dock

+CONVAIR+ Outboard Gas Tank

+CONVAIR+ Boat Rope

Culprit Summery Hut Neva

.:revival:.  pallet on wheels

.:revival:.  leaning bench

:CP: Castaway Raft RARE @  Fantasy Gacha

:CP: Castaway Oars @  Fantasy Gacha

:CP: Castaway Rum Crate @  Fantasy Gacha

:CP: Castaway Barrel @  Fantasy Gacha

:CP: Castaway Fishing Pail @  Fantasy Gacha

junk. pulley light.

7 – No Service Sign

[Breno] A Fishing Getaway- Boat Lights

oyasumi / folding chair / RARE @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / folding table / RARE @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / mug / gradient @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / metal cup / silver @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / coffee grinder @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / pepper grinder @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / toast rack @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / breakfast plate @ Kustom9 

oyasumi / coffee maker @ Kustom9 

POST: Wooden trough with flax

POST: Pilsner

PILOT – Fishing Poles

[we’re CLOSED] life buoy

[we’re CLOSED] trees

(epia) – Cuddle Rowboat RARE




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I need the Sea because it teaches me . . .

I need the Sea because it teaches me . . .


Culprit  Heavenly Beach Hut Red

junk. bartlet daybed. denim.  @ The mens dept August 2014

oyasumi / metal stool / grey @ The mens dept August 2014

oyasumi / spotlight / unplugged @ The mens dept August 2014

Stockholm&Lima: Headlight Track Lights @ The mens dept August 2014

Stockholm&Lima: Bicycle Wheels @ The mens dept August 2014

Second Spaces – Patrick Pallet Desk @ The mens dept August 2014

floorplan. the illiad book @ Collabor 88 August 2014

floorplan. map frame @ Collabor 88 August 2014

[Brixley] Wooden Crate – brown

[Breno] Avalon Rug

[Breno]   Martini

{theosophy}  Beer Bottle (Keaton)

[Con.] Fossil Hunter – Bag

Dutchie mesh antique books

Dutchie 2 winebottles

7 – Moonshine Bucket

oyasumi / rakes&stuff

Sari-Sari – Portable Stove

Sari-Sari  – Our Little Garden – Hose (green)

[Deadwool]  Trauermarsch Boots

PILOT – Fisherman’s Shack

The Domineaux Effect – Pot Belly Stove

The Domineaux Effect – Old Kettle

POST: Humble Candle Stick

:CP: Abbotsford Fish Mirror

[we’re CLOSED] tree 02A summer