ROOST ‘Bella Vista’ House





ROOST ‘Bella Vista’ House

Skye –  Stately Wall Building Set – 100% MESH

[we’re CLOSED] park bench

{what next} Cambridge Bicycle

{what next} Adventure Playground Swingset – Rustic Natural

*~MMG’s~* [A]Stone path

Alouette – Girls Cardboard Castle (2LI – Mesh)

:CP: Janine Swing

[we’re CLOSED] shrub 02 spring

[we’re CLOSED] tree 02B spring

[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush

~*Forest Floor*~ Potted Scrub Maple – Greens



For above and around me the wild wind is roaring, arousing to rapture the earth and the seas…




On me:

TRUTH HAIR Jill –  variety pack

Glam Affair – Summer – Jamaica @Summerfest 2013

erratic / briony – shorts

(Milk Motion) cropped tank – native – grey @Summerfest 2013

+ILO+ Work Boot


Kuro – Into the blue

L&K – Spring evening tray

*~MMG’s~* Landing pier

[we’re CLOSED] old lantern

[we’re CLOSED boulders 2 dark

[we’re CLOSED] cloth lantern

L&K – Fence

Kuro – Flower chair

Kuro – Stuff crate

Kuro – Old round pillow (brown)

Kuro – Small ball

Eclyps 3D – Anchor-Mesh

Eclyps 3D -Basket of Oysters – Mesh

Eclyps 3D -Basket of Crabs – Mesh

[we’re CLOSED] tree 02 log light

3d trees – willow curved

3d trees – forest brushwood