Keep looking up, that´s the secret of life. . .

Keep looking up, that´s the secret of life. . .



AF English Folly RARE @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Trompe Loeil – Snow Day Bed White + Drape Collabor88 December 2014

DRD ebenezers large frame @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

DRD small frames fireplace @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

DRD ebenezers coat hanger @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

[PM]Pixel Mode – Sled with Logs @ TLC December 2014

[PM]Pixel Mode – Milk Can Berries @ TLC December 2014

junk. crown light @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

[we’re CLOSED] paper star S copper for Cosmopolitan

[we’re CLOSED] paper star S gold for Cosmopolitan

:CP: Willow Creek Lanterns @ Kustom9 

Dutchie tray with black coffee

Scarlet Creative Foundry Hide Sofa Cotton @ Shiny Shabby Event

HIDEKI – Stool with Blanket

[FOG]Milk Churn Set Milk Jug

POST: DeWitt Shaving Mirror

POST Fabron Aftershave

My Favorite Thing to Make for Dinner is Reservations…

country kitchen


The Loft -Bailey Rug

POST: Mosfell Table Barnboard Cloth

POST: Mosfell Farm Chairs

LISP – Sofia Kitchen Set

LISP – Vine “Vite” Bistro Clock – Naturals

:CP: Thompson Kitchen Hood

[FOG]Green Plants

POST: Esko  Coffee Grinder

POST: “Blomstereng nordpa,” Sohlberg, 1905

POST / Navarre Cutting Board with Vegetables

(iTuTu) Dish rack /with dish plates

*~MMG’s~* Lace curtain-rose

The Loft – Milk Pail Stool

Dutchie gift: empty box

Dutchie 2 winebottles

Dutchie lavender 3

country kitchen 2

POST: Manuscript Notebook

POST: Esko Enamelware Coffee Mug

POST: Esko Enamelware Coffee Pot

POST: Esko Enamelware Sugar & Creamer

[FOG]Kitchen stove

Culprit Baking Tray Sealface Rolls (mesh)

Culprit Fancy Dresser Tatty White (Mesh)

Dutchie coffee, tea, sugar

Dutchie 3 flowers

Dutchie can dark

(iTuTu) vegetable bowl

Culprit Baking 3 Bowls (mesh)

Dutchie sugar

POST / Stacked Plates

POST:  Sunnanby Kettle

POST: Sunnanby Pot

PILOT – Garden Shed

pilot garden



On me:

-Belleza- Ava TLC 

::{u.f.o}::sunny skinny overall – normal blue @Collabor 88 May

::{u.f.o}::do it yourself t-shirts – printing @Collabor 88 May


“”D!va”” Hair “Sayaka3” @collabor88 May


PILOT – Garden Shed @Collabor 88 May

PILOT – Garden Tools

Diesel Works – Hemingway Stool

Trompe Loeil – Hanging Tri-Planter Orange @Collabor 88 May

POST: Bucket of Autumn Orchard Apples

[FOG]Milk Churn Set Milk Jug

[FOG]Milk Churn  S

~*Forest Floor*~ Half Barrel Planter (water)

Goats and chicken by Sculpty Creations Animals

3D trees– forest brushwood

[we’re CLOSED] trees

[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry