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Music is the art of thinking with sounds. . .

Music is the art of thinking with sounds. . .



Belleza– Beth

erratic / roxy – ripped top

::Exile::One Way or Another Collabor88 April 2015

erratic / roxy – ripped top


MG – Necklace -Cross of Cordelia

MG– Rings  – Karina Court – V1

+ILO+ Trooper Boots (black)

Sunglasses GunShot  REDGRAVE @The mens Dept April 2015


Trompe Loeil – Shipping Crate Studio Wood Collabor88 April 2015

floorplan. neon skull / pink Collabor88 April 2015

floorplan. not today wall sign

[Con.] Skull Plant Pot – Fight it Collabor88 April 2015

7 – Turntable Boombox  TT-X9-1000

=EliBaily= Drum Kit CoffeeTable – Black

[ kunst ] – Kunsteiner mug / Stout #1

[ kunst ] – Small bar / rustic black wood

[ kunst ] – Kunsteiner bottle’s box / Stout (grunge)

[ kunst ] – Kunsteiner bottle / Stout uncapped  (natural)

7 – Cold Beer

junk. pulley ceiling light.

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But my dreams they aren’t as empty as my conscience seems to be . . .

but my dreams they aren't as empty as my conscience seems to be



Belleza– Beth Sk Makeup 7

erratic / anya – jacket @ Uber

erratic / tegan – pants @ Uber

Rowne.Eva – Dark Blondes

-Belleza- Venus Mesh body


Apple Fall Metro Entrance @ the liaison collaborative

Apple Fall Rotating Billboard @ the liaison collaborative

Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store @ the liaison collaborative

Apple Fall Photographers’ Easel @ the liaison collaborative

Apple Fall Martins’ Busker Guitar @ the liaison collaborative

Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper @Shiny Shabby

Apple Fall Nardyas’ Tulips in Mason Jar @ the liaison collaborative

[ kunst ] – Mezcal bottle @ Uber

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When i look into your eyes i tend to lose my thoughts . . .

When i look into your eyes i tend to lose my thoughts . . .



On me:

Belleza– Yasmin

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

::Exile::Electric Soul

Tee*fy Joan Boyfriend’s Tank Top/ and bra @ N21

JD – Boho shoes

!KMA Sitting Pose 9 modified!


.:revival:. boho bench @Shiny Shabby

.:revival:. boho cushion @Shiny Shabby

.:revival:. boho tray @Shiny Shabby

.:revival:. candleholder

oyasumi / glass vase @Shiny Shabby

oyasumi / wobbly plate @Shiny Shabby

-tres blah-  Hodgepodge – Stacked Magazines @ The Arcade’s March 2015 round

oyasumi / rug&pillows @Shiny Shabby

oyasumi / pile of bowls / large @Shiny Shabby

oyasumi / pile of bowls / small @Shiny Shabby

[ kunst ] – Bourbon bottle #3 Exclusive @ Men Only Monthly – March 20

[ kunst ] – Bourbon glass #3 Exclusive @ Men Only Monthly – March 20

Soy. Shisha [liquid night]

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I´m still waiting for my sun to shine. . .

I´m still waiting for my sun to shine. . .


-Belleza- Tess Coming soon to Skin Fair

::{u.f.o}::nangnang cardigan Collabor88 March 2015

Ariskea [Mystery Girl] Gold Rings & Bracelets Collabor88 March 2015

BUENO-Vintage Denim Skirt Collabor88 March 2015

LaGyo_Heart earring Collabor88 March 2015

MG – Necklace – Secret Love Letter Locket Collabor88 March 2015

Pure Poison – Secret Key Pumps -White Collabor88 March 2015

Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

.Olive. the Daisy Hair – Tea Stained @ The Arcade’s March 2015 round


Apple Fall & An Lar Ladder @The Chapter four

Apple Fall Botanical Prints (3) @The Chapter four

Apple Fall & An Lar Toile Chair (Cream) @The Chapter four

.:revival:. round cushion @FaMESHed March 2015

.:revival:. door swing @FaMESHed March 2015

Apple Fall Daffodils Jug @The Chapter four

Apple Fall Butlers’ Tray Table @The Chapter four

Apple Fall Retro Radio @The Chapter four

Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE @The Chapter four

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And though she be but little, She Is Fierce…

And though she be but little, She Is Fierce...


Scarlet Creative Country Keep prefab Collabor88 January 2015

:CP: Priyanka Daybed @ Uber

:CP: Priyanka Light Upright @ Uber

Belleza– Venus mesh body

floorplan. unicorn silhouette frame Collabor88 January 2015

floorplan. hanging string bulbs Collabor88 January 2015

*{Junbug}* Betty’s Boudoir Collabor88 January 2015

LaGyo_Horseshoe ring Gold Collabor88 January 2015

LaGyo_Star ring Gold Collabor88 January 2015

LaGyo_Unicorn ring Gold Collabor88 January 2015

Lamb. Black Milk (modified) Collabor88 January 2015

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“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free…”

Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free...



Quote by Paulo Coelho

On me:

Rowne. Eva Hair

Belleza– Venus mesh body

Foxes – Faux Fur Coat – snow Collabor88 December 2014

LaGyo_Ribbon headbend Collabor88 December 2014

LaGyo_Sienna Wool bag Black Collabor88 December 2014

LaGyo_Sienna Crystal collier Black Collabor88 December 2014

JD – Brie  Leather shoes

MG – Ring – Karina


Scarlet Creative – Foundry Prefab MC Shiny Shabby Event

=EliBaily= Recycled Planks Bed = Glitch RARE @ TMD December 2014

-David Heather-Travel Carryon/Black RARE @ TMD December 2014

-David Heather-Office Bag/Black RARE @ TMD December 2014

[ kunst ] – Champ. glass  @ TMD December 2014

[ kunst ] – Champ. bottle @ TMD December 2014

[LeeZu!] Dreaming Poster

junk. arch lamp. short.