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People always make time for what is important to them ♥


People always make time for what is important to them



On My sis Blossom :

Lara Hurley- Ivy natural tan

Dura– Boys&Girls 19 – mocha

 Baiastice_Marina shirt – stripes @ Collabor88 June 2014

 Maitreya- White * Cropped pants

 Leonard! Summer Breeze Necklace (VIP Gift)

On me: 

fri. – Wayfaring.Sandals @ Collabor88 June 2014

Maitreya * #4 * Cut Off Jeans Shorts @ Collabor88 June 2014

B.C.C LoLo Summer top Gray @ Summerfest´14 

Belleza– Ria

TRUTH HAIR Hope –  variety


[we’re CLOSED] rustic deck 3 – light

(epia) – Cuddle Rowboat

oyasumi / beach bucket / grey @ Summerfest´14 

PILOT – Fishing Poles @ Collabor88 June 2014

[we’re CLOSED] pole with life buoy

Sari-Sari – Portable Stove

AF Cottage Dining Table Group Gift ♥

AF Cottage Dining Stools Group Gift ♥

AF Throw Cloth Old item for  The Liaison Collaborative May 2014

Sari-Sari – Our Little Garden – Bucket of Tools

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Wine on the beach blue

Kuro – Remnants of a war



Events · Furniture · Woman Styles

Every breath an art . . .




Baiastice_Freedom Bikini-pearl @ Summerfest´14 

Faenzo Cut Wayfarer Sunglass – White @ Summerfest´14 

ISON – summer long vest (white)  @ Summerfest´14 

[we’re CLOSED] drape house

[we’re CLOSED] Bahia chair bleached – sand

Trompe Loeil – Classic Wicker Basket with Towel White @Fameshed June 2014

Belleza– Ria

(epoque hair) Tied Up – Earth

Pose by Del May ♥

Events · Furniture · Woman Styles

I feel you whisper across the sea . . .

I feel you whisper across the sea . . .


-Belleza- Ria @ Summerfest´14 

Exile::After the Rain @ Summerfest´14 

Zaara : [Mesh] Latika swimsuit @ Summerfest´14 

Zaara : Janya jeweled sandals @ Summerfest´14 

Zaara : Rattan coffee table w/towel scripted *light* @ Summerfest´14 

8f8 – Driftwood CHAIR @ Summerfest´14 

8f8 – Driftwood FENCE @ Summerfest´14 

8f8 – Driftwood TOWEL Stand @ Summerfest´14 

Second Spaces – beach day – dark tan @ Summerfest´14 

Second Spaces – beach day – burned @ Summerfest´14 

:CP: Margarita Beach Tiki Parasol

* Baiastice_Huge Brim Mesh Hat-coral

Woman Styles

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit . . .




Baiastice_Jade Balloon top & dress-petunia azure @ Collabor88 April 2014

ANE Strappy Heels @ Collabor88 April 2014

LaGyo_Maylea necklace White (Silver) @ Collabor88 April 2014

LaGyo_Maylea clutch bag White @ Collabor88 April 2014

DeeTaleZ Tops MESH cardigan snow

IKON Promise Eyes – Feldgrau

[LoQ’ue] Sherryhair

{mon tissu} Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans ~ Light Wash

Belleza– Ria

Pose by Label Motion



You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream…

baby room



The Arcade Gacha Event ♥


*ionic* I ❤ u @ TCF

<:*BoOgErS*:> Miley Bear RARE @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Henry Bear @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Angel Bear @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Ballerina Bear @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Sleepy Bear @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Eugene Bear @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Paparzzi Bear @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Sleepy Bear @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Rudolph Bear  @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Robena the Robot  @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Firetruck  @ The Arcade Gacha event

Miamai_TCS_Snowglobe  @ The Arcade Gacha event

<:*BoOgErS*:> Number Train  @ The Arcade Gacha event

.:Standby Inc. – Industrial Fan (Chic)  @ The Arcade Gacha event

Baiastice_BJD Collection-Venus @ The Arcade Gacha event

DIGS – Geary Dresser – Cloud [MESH]  @ The Arcade Gacha event

~silentsparrow~ Holding Foxy (Smoke)  Fire Elemen-tails!  @ The Arcade Gacha event

~silentsparrow~Fish (Coast) Water Elemen-tails!  @ The Arcade Gacha event

The Secret Store – Ice Skates – Caramel/Pompons  @ The Arcade Gacha event

{vespertine}-starbead curtain  @ The Arcade Gacha event

::HH:: Hucci Arcade Unicorn Winter – Fantasy  @ The Arcade Gacha event

~silentsparrow~ Deer (Oak) Forest  Elemen-tails!  @ The Arcade Gacha event

Trompe Loeil – Star Tree  @ The Arcade Gacha event

Lark – Winter Festival on ice  @ The Arcade Gacha event

Trompe Loeil – Let It Snow Decorative Sled  @ The Arcade Gacha event

Trompe Loeil – Snowflake Pillow Bunch with animations  @ The Arcade Gacha event

Trompe Loeil – Baybrooke Twin Bed Cream Kids

Trompe Loeil – Holiday 2013 Tree Natural Snow – Scripted Lights @ Fameshed

Scarlet Creative For Gorgeous house

tarte. Worn Rug

floorplan. bar marquee @the neighbourhood

AF Books



Imagination is the true magic carpet . . .





Trompe Loeil – Autumn Cottage @ Collabor88

:CP: Dorm Bed – Snakey&Godric @Wizarding Faire 

Ohmai Emporium: Elf Wuggy@Wizarding Faire New Releases

[Con.] The Spell-o d’Cauldron, The Edinbure Manuscript – Crims,Skull of a Cheeky Pea Jar The Incantanium Novellas – Crimson@Wizarding Faire 

Rustica – Mesh Drapes

.encore. President’s Chair – Adult

*MishMish* Phoenix @Wizarding Faire 

Lark – Charms (Books Animated) @Wizarding Faire 

Lark – Divination  @Wizarding Faire 

Lark – Care of Magical Creatures  @Wizarding Faire 

Lark – Imaginarium Librarium – Library Red

Lark – Haran Console

Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Treasures

Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Secret

Lark – Imaginarium Librarium Roots

POST: Vintage Sensible Globe

Amala Potions – Ravenclaw Remedy @Wizarding Faire 

:{Atomic}: Cauldron – Small @Wizarding Faire 

::BB:: Wizarding Puertorican Toad B @Wizarding Faire 

::BB:: Wizarding Frogbit A @Wizarding Faire 

Baiastice_ Porcelaine Fairies

Ohmai Emporium: Elf Wuggy@Wizarding Faire 

The Loft – Antler Chandelier

[ keke ] labeled medicine bottle – mercury fluid

Tharyn Design FurRugs

HPMD* Globe Lamp M (butterfly)