A light wind swept over the dry grass , and all nature laughed in the sunshine…




 Lm:  Arcade Gatcha Event

[*Art Dummy!] wake me. (bed no blanket) RARE  New Release for Arcade

[*Art Dummy!] wake me. (clock headboard)  New Release for Arcade

[*Art Dummy!] wake me. (large clock-black 1) blogger sample  New Release for Arcade

Scarlet Creative June Arcade – My Box of Poetry Books  New Release for Arcade

Scarlet Creative June Arcade – My Dominoes Stacked  New Release for Arcade

Scarlet Creative June Arcade – My Crate Shelves  New Release for Arcade

Trompe Loeil – Billiards Dresser 06 Ball  New Release for Arcade

Robot RP . Billy  New Release for Arcade

Robot lamp . Gizmo  New Release for Arcade

Sibot . Melon RARE  New Release for Arcade

*Second Spaces* marble checkers  New Release for Arcade

*Second Spaces* dice throw set  New Release for Arcade

*bbqq*-School furniture-chair-normal  New Release for Arcade

*bbqq*-School furniture-desk+black bag RARE  New Release for Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Water Hole  New Release for Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Stella the Stegosaurus  New Release for Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Pizza the Plesiosaurus  New Release for Arcade

: ) BCC . Emma Apple flat shoes denim Vintage Floral A-R  New Release for Arcade

!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Original A]  New Release for Arcade

(Elate!) – A Posh Picnic – Plate with a Sandwich  New Release for Arcade

(Elate!) – A Posh Picnic – Bowl of Strawberries  New Release for Arcade

{vespertine- broken birdcage/teal RARE}  New Release for Arcade

{vespertine- fabric bird-chickadee/white}  New Release for Arcade

~Tableau Vivant~ Emotes –  New Release for Arcade

L2 MESH Shoreline House

Zigana . rug . robot

:CP: & PILOT Garden Party Canopy





Come and let’s play together in the bright sunny weather ♥




 Lm:  Arcade Gatcha Event

floorplan. sleepover tent / fox RARE New Release for Arcade

~Tableau Vivant~ Emotes – Unicorn New Release for Arcade

floorplan. typewriter / geometric RARE New Release for Arcade

flowey. ‘bitten donut’ floatie  RARRRE New Release for Arcade

flowey. ‘tan lines’ beach sign New Release for Arcade

flowey. ‘homer’s pool’ donut RARE! New Release for Arcade

Intrigue Co. – Plushie Pals: Petunia the Pterodactyl New Release for Arcade

*Second Spaces* game of war New Release for Arcade

~Tableau Vivant~ Emotes – Panda New Release for Arcade

!O: Teacup Piglet Gatcha [Royal Edition: Queen RARE New Release for Arcade

(Elate!) – A Posh Picnic – Open Picnic Basket RARE New Release for Arcade

.:Standby Inc. – World Tour – Classical Guitar [Floral] New Release for Arcade

Sway’s Swim Ring [Quack] traditional (rez me) RARE New Release for Arcade

(fd) Radio Headphones – Navy New Release for Arcade

floorplan. teardrop trailer gacha / peach

:CP: Cassie Penant String

On me:

erratic / mindy – tshirt /

erratic / sally – zipperskirt

*BOOM* Knit Friendship Bracelets New Release for Arcade

(fd) Radio Headphones Blogger Sample New Release for Arcade

/Wasabi Pills/ Lory Mesh Hair – Gingerbread – RARE  New Release for Arcade

Glam Affair – Lulu 07  New Release for Arcade

Tee*fy for The Arcade ♥



Tee*fy Aurelia Summer High-Low Dress Aztec  [NEW] and Soon @ The Arcade!

Tee*fy Feather Headdress RARE [NEW] and Soon @ The Arcade!

Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica

::Envious:: Face Paint 20

!lamb. These Days

Sky Nation 3 prim Native American War Lance

[we’re CLOSED boulders 3 dark

[we’re CLOSED] grass field dry

[we’re CLOSED] tree 1D bare

Pose by Del May ♥

Not So Bad . BASS jeans ♥



not so bad . BASS jeans  (male jeans)

[LeLutka]-SHAVED hairbase

[LeLutka]-JADA hair/Naturals

-Belleza- Ellie Gacha ♥ at the arcade gacha event


PILOT – Garden Tools

[we’re CLOSED] old ladder with poses

Zigana – Banana Fanna . featheranna

[we’re CLOSED] old lantern

Zigana . antique abacus

{vespertine– soilpack}

+ILO+ Garden Basin (stained)

[we’re CLOSED] painters canvas’ floor 1

~*Forest Floor*~ Potted Forest Fern – Green

House by Culprit♥

Somedays, you just have to create your own sunshine…




*LpD* – *Amelia* Dress

Maitreya Stagioni Boots * Chestnut

Glam Affair – Cleo – Jamaica –

MG – Necklace – Isis Solar Magic

(epoque hair) Tied Up – Earth


House by L2 studio MESH Shoreline House

PILOT – Potted Plant Shelves

(iTuTu) vegetable bowl

{af} Chinese (Rez)

[Breno] Donuts (1LI)

Culprit Baking 3 Bowls (mesh)

Culprit Petit Cakestand

Culprit Dotty Tea

Dutchie sugar

Dutchie coffee, tea, sugar

Dutchie 3 beer cans, 1 prim

Dutchie 2 winebottles

b.v Dustbin (small) rust

GachaYa – gas_stove_1 WHITE

*Y’s HOUSE* OMISE_Counter01




The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire…




Clef de Peau::Julia Preview

{SMS} Big Summer Necklace Poppy Red

{SMS} Baggy Bag Autumn Drive

:NuDoLu: Robe de cache-coeur Bouquet rose

“LoQ Hair” Rye

Pose by Del May


[we’re CLOSED] summer flowers

[we’re CLOSED] grass field lush

[we’re CLOSED] shrub 02 summer XL

[we’re CLOSED] Log Fence Dark 7

[we’re CLOSED] tree 02F summer

[we’re CLOSED] shrooms red



The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched …they must be felt with the heart…




*LpD* – *Kira* Outfit White

Exile::All Over You

MG – Necklace – Isis Solar Magic

the body co. Sunflower  (03 Light)

[we’re CLOSED] tree  bare ( New)

[we’re CLOSED] cable light wall white

[we’re CLOSED] cloth lantern


My Favorite Thing to Make for Dinner is Reservations…

country kitchen


The Loft -Bailey Rug

POST: Mosfell Table Barnboard Cloth

POST: Mosfell Farm Chairs

LISP – Sofia Kitchen Set

LISP – Vine “Vite” Bistro Clock – Naturals

:CP: Thompson Kitchen Hood

[FOG]Green Plants

POST: Esko  Coffee Grinder

POST: “Blomstereng nordpa,” Sohlberg, 1905

POST / Navarre Cutting Board with Vegetables

(iTuTu) Dish rack /with dish plates

*~MMG’s~* Lace curtain-rose

The Loft – Milk Pail Stool

Dutchie gift: empty box

Dutchie 2 winebottles

Dutchie lavender 3

country kitchen 2

POST: Manuscript Notebook

POST: Esko Enamelware Coffee Mug

POST: Esko Enamelware Coffee Pot

POST: Esko Enamelware Sugar & Creamer

[FOG]Kitchen stove

Culprit Baking Tray Sealface Rolls (mesh)

Culprit Fancy Dresser Tatty White (Mesh)

Dutchie coffee, tea, sugar

Dutchie 3 flowers

Dutchie can dark

(iTuTu) vegetable bowl

Culprit Baking 3 Bowls (mesh)

Dutchie sugar

POST / Stacked Plates

POST:  Sunnanby Kettle

POST: Sunnanby Pot

I roamed the countryside searching for answers to things I did not understand…

country living


TA Inspiration Bed

TA Inspiration Suitcase

TA Vintage Radio

TA Inspiration Flowers Pot

TA Old Typewriter

Trompe Loeil – Cobble Hill Storage Bench

Skye Books (classic texture)

DIGS – Simin Rug

[we’re CLOSED] old lantern

POST:  Linen Crochet Thread, Size 10

POST: “Popcorn Trail” Crochet Spread 1937

LAQ Decor ~ Bedside Table

LISP – Woodcutter Chair with Cloth

:CP: & PILOT Garden Party Canopy

Rustica – Mesh Drape LACE SHEER PANEL

Culprit Rustic Cottage Neva

{vespertine}_professor Moth’s secret cabinet.

Dutchie mesh leather poof chocolat

The only thing standing between me and total happiness is reality…



GizzA – Handkeys [Teddy]

ISON – coated denim – (amber) @ Collabor 88

Tee*fy Milena Ruffle Blouse Creme @ Collabor 88

the body co. Sunflower

the body co. Sunflower – makeup (star)

{mon tissu} Seneca Threaded Leather Belt ~ Burnished

(Milk Motion) bicolor fringe bag -anis/nude

::Mr.Poet::Leather Backpack

Exile::Desperately Wanting All or nothing


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