Old places have soul . . .

Old places have soul . . .



Painting by Eugene Delacroix♥

Scarlet Creative Princess Jezibell Snug Collabor88 December 2014

Scarlet Creative Foundry Hide Sofa Cotton Shiny Shabby Event

Scarlet Creative Foundry Desk Warm MC @ Shiny Shabby Event

Scarlet Creative Foundry Antler Chair – Hide MC @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Cabinet @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Pitcher @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Candle Holder @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Hot Chocolade @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] 4 Tea Cups @ Shiny Shabby Event

ISPACHI [OSSORY] Plate holder @ Shiny Shabby Event

MOON // Here After Collection // Rug 04 @ TMD December 2014

MOON // Here After Collection // Rug 05 @ TMD December 2014

floorplan. buck slats @The New Tailors 

tarte. worn stool (white) @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

{vespertine}faux throphy -dark @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Soy. Matchstick ladders – singly Collabor88 December 2014

Soy. Knitted Pouf [marudesu] – snow Collabor88 December 2014

tarte. ladder display @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Oil Lamp Weathered Copper @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – My Cup of Tea @ The Arcade Gacha events  December 2014

erratic / coc – sandclock

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Desk Clock Collabor88 December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Magnifying Glass Collabor88 December 2014

Pixel Mode – Writer’s Room – Book Stack Collabor88 December 2014

Apple Fall Plaster Candles

Apple Fall  Dolly Lamp

Apple Fall Rockin’ Robin

Apple Fall Pestle & Mortar

Apple Fall Stepladder Table

Apple Fall  -Beam Grandfather Clock

POST: Bremen Pricket Lamps


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