A house is made of walls and beams… a home is built with love and dreams ♥

CP interior


:CP: Ansel Console Table For Collabor 88

:CP: Ansel House Terrarium For Collabor 88

Skye Books (modern texture)

:CP: Ansel Wall Art Frames For Collabor 88

POST: Antique Juggling Pins

{what next} Knitting Basket

:CP: Earnst TV

:CP: Ansel Wing Chair  For Collabor 88

{af} Let’s Play Scrabble

MudHoney Harper Tartan Rug

zigana – Rug yastik

{af} Storm Lamp (Old Wood)

{what next} Rohan Pallet Shelf

cp interior2


:CP: Ansel Sofa  For Collabor 88

:CP: Ansel Coffee Table For Collabor 88

The Loft – Newspaper Prop

{af} 1st Day of Christmas – Coffee Maker

Skye Books (classic texture)

:CP: Bruine Desk

POST: Darkbloom Pencils in Retro Cup

{af} Heart of Polaroids Advent No. 3

House: L&K – Winter greenhouse

LISP – Woodburning Stove – Brown – Curved chimney

CP: Ansel Living Room for Collabor88

 January 2013


CP:  Bruine Desk


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